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Shanadzzar Global Forwarding is a trusted name in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. With our team of life sciences specialists, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading solutions that ensure the integrity of your shipments. Having more than a decade of experience in this field, we have a deep understanding of the logistics requirements for sensitive freight in the healthcare sector.


Our expertise lies in managing various aspects of the pharma and healthcare supply chain, from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to formulations. We employ closed cold chain solutions to maintain optimal temperature conditions for these drugs, ensuring their potency and effectiveness throughout transportation. By closely monitoring the ambient temperature, we provide an extra layer of protection to your valuable medical products.

At Shanadzzar, we prioritize information transparency and innovation to cater to the unique needs of each segment within the pharma and healthcare industry. Here are some specific areas where we excel:

1. Medical Diagnostics & Devices: We understand the importance of timely delivery and careful handling when it comes to medical diagnostic equipment and devices. Our team ensures that these critical instruments reach their destination safely and in time.

2. Formulations: From tablets and capsules to injectables and ointments, we manage the logistics for various pharmaceutical formulations. Our focus is on maintaining product integrity during transportation to ensure patient safety.

3. APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients): APIs are the crucial building blocks of medications. With our expertise in handling APIs, we ensure their safe transit from manufacturing facilities to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

4. Excipients: Excipients play a vital role in drug formulation by enhancing stability, solubility, or taste. We provide specialized handling techniques for excipients during transportation to maintain their quality.

5. Vaccines: Vaccines are highly sensitive biological products that require precise temperature control throughout transportation. We offer state-of-the-art cold chain solutions for the safe delivery of vaccines to clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

6. Nutraceuticals: We understand the unique logistics challenges involved in transporting nutraceutical products, which include dietary supplements, functional foods, and medicinal herbs. Our team ensures the proper handling and storage of these products to maintain their efficacy.

7. Ayurveda: With a deep respect for traditional healing practices, we specialize in the transportation of Ayurvedic medicines and herbal products. Our knowledge of Ayurvedic principles enables us to handle these delicate shipments with utmost care.

At Shanadzzar Global Forwarding, we are committed to providing reliable, secure, and efficient solutions for your pharma and healthcare logistics needs. We strive to deliver exceptional service that upholds the integrity of your shipments while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.

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Pharma & Healthcare Logistics India

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