The automotive industry operates within a complex supply chain, requiring expertise in process planning and operational efficiency. At Shanadzzar Global Freight Forwarding, we understand the unique challenges of this industry and offer comprehensive supply chain solutions to address them. From inbound procurement to production logistics, service parts distribution, and finished vehicle transportation, we provide end-to-end support for the automotive sector.

We offer a wide range of tailored services specifically designed for the automotive industry:


Inbound Procurement: We assist with managing the inbound flow of materials and components from suppliers to manufacturing facilities, ensuring efficient inventory management and timely delivery.


Production Logistics: Our expertise in production logistics helps optimize the movement of materials within manufacturing plants, supporting smooth production processes and minimizing downtime.


Service Parts Distribution: We handle the distribution of service parts to dealerships or repair centers globally, ensuring timely availability of critical components for maintenance and repairs.


Finished Vehicle Transportation: Our transportation solutions cover the safe and efficient movement of finished vehicles from manufacturing plants to dealerships or export destinations.


To cater to the specific needs of the automotive industry, we offer a range of specialized services including:


Buyer’s Consolidation: We consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers into larger batches to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Milk Run: Our milk run services involve optimizing routes for regular pickups from suppliers to streamline transportation operations.


Complete Knock Down (CKD) Operations: We manage CKD operations where vehicles are partially disassembled before being shipped to overseas markets for local assembly.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): We work closely with suppliers to ensure optimal stock levels through inventory management programs tailored to your requirements.


Material Handling Operations: Our team is equipped to handle specialized material handling requirements such as heavy machinery or delicate components during transportation and storage.


Sequencing to Production Line: We support just-in-sequence (JIS) operations, ensuring precise timing and delivery sequencing to support production line efficiency.


Cross Dock and Platform Activities: We provide cross-docking services and platform activities to enable efficient transshipment and consolidation of goods.


PO Management: Our purchase order management services help streamline order processing, tracking, and reporting.


Third Party Logistics (3PL): As a trusted 3PL provider, we offer end-to-end logistics solutions including warehousing, transportation, distribution, and value-added services.


With our industry experience and expertise, Shanadzzar Global Freight Forwarding is committed to optimizing your automotive supply chain. We understand the importance of process efficiency, cost reduction, and timely deliveries in this highly competitive industry. Partner with us for reliable logistics services tailored specifically to the automotive sector’s requirements.

Contact us today to discover how our innovative logistics solutions can propel your business forward.

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