Industry Experts

Pharma & Healthcare

Shanadzzar global forwarding is endowed with life sciences specialists who design industry leading solutions to constantly monitor and maintain your shipment’s integrity. With more than a decade of experience in healthcare industry, we completely understand the logistics need of this sensitive freight. We manage all ie from APIs to formulations through closed cold chain solutions and by monitoring the ambient temperature of these drugs. We at Shanadzzar provide information, transparency and innovative solutions to these segments -

  • Medical diagnostics & devices
  • Formulations
  • APIs
  • Excipients
  • Vaccines
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Ayurveda

Consumer & Retail

Consumer and retail industry is one of the most dynamic industries in today’s world. Due to compressed timelines where speed and efficiency is the basic requirement of this industry, we at Shanadzzar ensure that your products reach all the hypermarkets, supermarkets and various department stores across the globe intact. Our comprehensive global freight forwarding services across air, sea and surface transport allows your products to reach their final destination on time.


Shanadzzar global freight forwarding understands the intricacies of the fashion & lifestyle sector. Speed to market is crucial especially when meeting the ever increasing consumer demands. The right look in stores at right time can make or break an entire season. Our global network allows us to ship via the fastest possible routes to ensure that the goods hit the shelves untarnished and in right time. We provide these comprehensive services tailor made just for your business -

  • Ready for store/ Garment on hanger
  • In store replenishment
  • Labelling or re-labelling as per local language requirements
  • Re-packaging / kitting
  • Price and security tagging
  • Bagging / Steam Tunnels / Dolly presses
  • Packaging / Sealing Machines
  • Warehouse management & distribution (last mile delivery)

Energy / Infrastructure / Engineering & Industrial

This sector is ever changing with advents in newer technologies each day. Sourcing materials from various supplier for product innovation is a key challenge. We at Shanadzzar with a decade of experience and with strong presence in key manufacturing locations create a competitive advantage for you. Our experts meet your specific supply chain requirements by providing buyer and shipper consolidation, end to end deliveries, heavy lift and out of gauge transportation. Shanadzzar provides supply chain solutions to these segments.

  • Whole machinery and components
  • Spare parts for engines, turbines, other utilities
  • Construction and mining equipment
  • Agricultural and farming equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Solar
  • Wind Mills
  • Rigs
  • Transformers
  • All EPC related movements

We work very closely with large corporates and their OEMs to improve the supply chain solutions as and when your business demands. We proudly say “High Performance Delivered”.


The complexity in the supply chain of automotive industry requires expertise who can help in process planning and operations efficiency. We at Shanadzzar provide entire supply chain solutions including inbound procurement, production logistics, service parts distribution and finished vehicle transportation. We provide a wide range of services tailormade for auto industry including buyer’s consolidation, milk run, complete knock down operations, vendor managed inventory, material handling operations, sequencing to production line, cross dock and platform activities, PO management, 3PL etc.